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KOREA TRADING AND INDUSTRIES CO., LTD established in 1987 as a fishing net manufacture is supplying and exporting fishing nets and fishing materrials to the fishing companies in korea, japan, new zealand, morocco, spain and russia and are obtaining good reputation from buyers in domestic and overseas thank to the best quality and moderate prices.

Through expansion of second factory and trading office in centeral business area we, KOREA TRADING AND INDUSTRIES CO., LTD(KTI) as a leading fishing net manufacture is producing the various goods related fishing and fishery industry and endevor unlimitedly for quality improvment and for research and development to meed any customer's needs always.

Our company staff's belief on supplying of better quality goods for future would be contined.

     Export Country  
     Main Products  
Head Office
Complete nets, Net for inland, Safety nets, Twines Ropes, Ship's spare parts,Pots,Machinery for marine, Ship's repair, ship chandler.
Second Factory
Copper(Brass) sheet and coil.